Unique Wedding Venues

Matt ♥ Kylie

Matt and Kylie made the decision, after knowing each other since high school, to get married. Their ceremony was helt at a church in their hometown, complete with the sun streaming through stained glass windows. For their reception, they celebrated with friends and family in Kylie’s parent’s stunning backyard, overlooking a good old Missouri sunset. With both sophisticated and earthy details at play in this wedding that feels elevated yet down-to-Earth all at once, they were able to combine chic with nature for an unforgettable day

Their enchanting, natural wedding looks like something from a desire with accents in heated saturated tones, organic florals, and sentimental accents all over. They had a custom neon sign with their new shared last name made to go behind them at the reception. The newly married couple danced the night away with everyone at the wedding, all the way from their young cousins to their grandparents. We danced along with them and everyone ended up in the pool at the end of the night. The perfect day.

Magnetism Wedding Videography

The production team at Magnetism Wedding Films is what sets us apart from other wedding videographers. Unlike most companies, we do not book each couple that queries and then scrambles to find random contractors to film those weddings. Although this may result in more revenue for these companies, it also results in unpredictable quality with inconsistent filming styles as they hire on the fly!