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If you’re trying to find the best wedding videographers in Mountain Home, then look no further than Magnetism Wedding Films. We have a staff of skilled and seasoned videographers and editors that understand precisely how to record your wedding in a raw and exquisite way.

At Magnetism, firstly, we are storytellers. We concentrate on bringing your vision to life to ensure you can look back for years and years to come and recall what it felt like to walk down the aisle with butterflies of excitement in your stomach, hold the hands of the one you really love, and say yes to forever. Our team will work incredibly hard to ensure that you always remember what it felt like to get wed. Book with us now!

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    Magnetism Wedding Videography

    There are numerous skilled videographers in Mountain Home area who do wedding videography. It can be overwhelming trying to choose which one is best for your special day. We realize you want a video of this significant moment to relive over and over, so we are devoted to creating exceptional videos that capture all those moments and help remind you how amazing your day was– exactly like it occurred yesterday.

    From the day you reach out to us, to the delivery of your final wedding video, we will be here for you. Our process is simple, you reserve the date, then we meet up and speak about the particulars of your wedding. On the day of, our crew works throughout the day to capture every aspect. After you’ve said “I do”, our editors work to stitch together the visual masterpiece that is your love story, then we deliver the final product, and you get to relive your wedding day again and again.



    Magnetism Wedding Films is AWESOME! I have watched my wedding video many times. They have captured every special detail, and MORE! Certain things I didn’t get to see that day were beautifully organized into my highlight wedding video which was a GIFT from them to relive the most SPECIAL DAY of MY LIFE.

    – John & Sarah

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    Whether your big day is a huge party, an intimate gathering, or just you and your other half on top of a mountain, for us at Magnetism your big day is one thing. Your wedding day is a story, your story. Every moment is a delicate detail forming a tale that you crafted, however you need that story to be filmed in a manner that helps you remember it forever. It takes more than an iPhone to create the flawless wedding video. It takes a storyteller.

    Mountain Home Wedding Videographer

    Magnetism Wedding Films is a leader in the wedding videography business. Our team of talented wedding videographers in Mountain Home is devoted to providing you with creative, intimate films that will last for many years and be treasured by you and your partner.

    We want you to remember all the subtle looks, the welling of tears, the lovely smiles, and the emotional “I Do’s.” We want you to show it to your loved ones for many years ahead and shed tears and laugh all over once more.

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    Top Tips For Hiring A Wedding Videographer

    When you’re trying to find the perfect wedding videographer in Mountain Home, you need to make sure that they can capture all of the significant moments and people in your life. This is why it’s important to do research on the possible wedding videographers prior to employing them. Wedding planners put in a lot of time, money, energy, and passion in planning the wedding. From the rehearsal dinner to the wedding reception and cake cutting, every moment is part of the final video. If recorded correctly, end result will bring you, your family, and close one’s joy, laughter, and sorrow for many years to come. The best videographers work closely with the wedding planner and have their own style. Amazing videographers are artists skilled in making use of cameras, capturing the best moments to create a the perfect video. It’s not uncommon for videographers to be booked months in advance, so it’s essential to find a professional who is available on your wedding day for the entire day. Follow the tips below to pick the best videographer for your wedding in Mountain Home

    Tip 1: Hire an expert wedding videographer

    The best video can bring together all of those special moments that you’ll wish to remember for life– from preparing yourself before the ceremony, exchanging vows, and your very first dance as a married couple at the reception! It takes the appropriate combination of planning and execution to create the perfect video. A professional wedding videographer will have the best equipment and know-how to guarantee your wedding video is a beautiful, seamless, cinematic story of your special day. They’ve got the best equipment and know-how to make your special day unforgettable. Unlike amateur or enthusiast, an experienced videographer will know how to capture all of the important moments without getting in the way of your guests, or the wedding photographers.

    Tip 2: Take a look at their portfolio

    You will require to look at a couple of wedding videos to know what style you like. As soon as you know how you want your video to look, you can search for local wedding videographers in Mountain Home and take a look at their portfolio. Many wedding videographers will have a list of weddings on their site or social networks accounts. You can then go through the list and understand if their style resembles the one you pictured. Unlike wedding photography, videography can be carried out in many different styles, so have a look at the wedding videos before you choose.

    Wedding videography styles

    Cinematic Style

    Cinematic videography style copies the style of a Hollywood film. This style can tell a story with a conclusion of your wedding much like a movie. You can likewise make use of narration by voice actors. Short Form Style This videography style highlights the main events of the wedding and is usually about 10 minutes. It costs less to produce than other styles however requires creativity to put everything together flawlessly.

    Storytelling Style

    This style focuses on storytelling. Your video will be a story about the bride, groom, member of the family, how you got together, and as many other details as you like.

    Documentary Style

    This style offers more flexibility to your wedding videographer. It won’t have the flare of the cinematic style however will have everything else. This is more of a down-to-earth style for those who want to film just the genuine moments.

    Tip 3: Check out their reviews

    Reviews from previous clients are a good signal of the professionalism and customer service that will be delivered. You can find reviews on their website, their Google My Service page, and social networks page like Facebook. When you read reviews you will get an idea of what was good and bad about the wedding videographer You can likewise get the contact info of previous clients and call them for in-depth feedback so that you can start getting your questions answered before committing.

    Tip 4: Hire a local wedding videographer

    A local videographer will understand a lot about the location and the different conditions that might emerge. Among the most essential aspects of filmmaking is having a cinematographer who knows how to capture film at the right time. If you select somebody with experience working at that location, they are most likely familiar with when and where everything will be best for filming. They will likewise be able to return to you promptly in the event of an emergency. Further, if you need photographers, they may provide the service themselves or know a great photographer. Magnetism Wedding Films is a local videographer in Mountain Home.

    Tip 5: Decide on your budget

    There are many options out there regarding packages, and cost ranges, so make certain you choose carefully. Wedding videography cost can vary a lot. It is okay to splurge a little on the photography and videography at times such as a wedding. The memories you have actually filmed will last a lifetime, so it is worth spending some money to make sure they are done professionally. Once you have chosen a wedding videographer request comprehensive information about what is included in the package deal. You need to get the best videographer and the best package within your budget. You can save money by researching before you choose.

    Tip 6: Select wedding videographers who can shoot drone footage

    Drone footage adds a cinema quality to your wedding day and offers an opportunity for unique angles from high up above the crowd during outdoor ceremonies. You will see more of the landscape and what is going on outside during the ceremony, reception, and so on. Arial shots of the wedding venue will add a premium feel to your video and tends to be included as extra services.

    Tip 7: Inquire about the turnaround time

    After the ceremony is over, everyone who was there and was not eager to take a look at the videos, so ask about the turnaround time for the final video to you or your spouse. Also, inquire about what will be included in editing, like if they will do scenes with sound and music added, making it seem choppy sometimes or cutting shots together into one seamless scene that looks more cinematic. Once you know the turn-around time, do not pressure the videography for fast delivery. Editing the video and putting it all together needs time and creativity, a rushed product will not be anywhere near perfect so be patient. You can ask for the raw footage as well, although it will not be as exciting as the final edit. Wedding videography is everything about taking the ideal footage shot with the best cameras and combining it to tell a story.

    Tip 8: Use licensed music only

    Many wedding videographers will offer you a list of songs to choose from, and they might likewise have the ability to provide their soundtrack. Youtube is strict about licensing so you do not want a video without audio to upload it on youtube. The right combination of various tunes and sounds is required to create a best wedding video. Music is generally incorporated in the standard package.

    Tip 9: Shoot in the highest resolution

    It would be best if you asked your videographer to shoot in the highest resolution possible. 4k resolution is taking over, and many videographers can shoot at that resolution, so inquire about it when you are trying to find a wedding videographer Though 4K Televisions are just rolling out in the market, they might be commonplace in the future and it is best to future proof your video.

    You may now choose your wedding videographer

    The final video can last as much as an hour or two depending on how much footage there was during the ceremony and reception, so keep this in mind when picking which moments you want to be included in it. The final video must include the best parts of each event and those family members or friends with whom you are closest. This is not only about capturing every single moment but selecting what matters most. You want this day filmed forever, it’s a celebration of your love story which will be an inspiration to your kids and family members. It’s not always about the wedding videographer cost when it comes down to picking which wedding videographer to choose because at times professional services may come at a higher price but remember that these specialists understand their craft better than any amateur hobbyist could ever.

    Magnetism Wedding Films in Mountain Home

    Magnetism Wedding Films is a team of skilled filmmakers that will create your perfect wedding day video. Our wedding videographers specialize in ensuring every aspect from start to finish goes smoothly. You can enjoy your special day and not worry about if we’ll have enough lighting or professional quality camera sound devices set up before you walk down the aisle! We believe in delivering the best customer service and are proud to have trained all of our team members on a specific style developed by us. Our company has remained in the business for many years, and we have filmed numerous brides who were thrilled to look at the final video. Our videos are created with the perfect combination, our wedding videographers have top-notch skills, experience, and equipment. We are the right choice for all your videography needs in Mountain Home. We take care of the details prior to sending your product out into the world, so you’ll never need to worry about everything matching up perfectly!  Hurry before another couple takes your slot, call us now to know about our wedding videography packages.
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